Pilates is a method of exercise that was developed in Germany in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. He called his method “Contrology” and described it as the art of controlled movement. He believed that mental and physical health strongly overlap and structured his exercises with the intent to strengthen the human mind and body. The Pilates method emphasizes breathing, alignment, body and core awareness, and improving coordination and balance. These exercises typically use the body as the means of resistance in exercises which blend strength and flexibility and can be done on a mat or a variety of Pilates apparatus. Consistent practice of this approach results in improved posture, improved mind-body connection, more efficient movement patterns and a stronger “powerhouse” or core: the abdomen, back and pelvic girdle.

In her years of physical therapy practice and instructing Pilates, Krista has found that many people have never learned to adequately and accurately use their intrinsic stabilizers—those muscles that most people refer to as their “core.” Even high level athletes who appear to be strong and/or those who religiously do “core workouts” often have difficulty accessing these deeper stabilizing muscles, which is often the reason they develop pain. These intrinsic stabilizing muscles are those that are targeted with the precision of proper Pilates training and when “fired” correctly can make a huge impact in providing pain relief and improving sport performance and overall function. Krista incorporates Pilates into most all of her physical therapy treatments; she also teaches private Pilates sessions. If you have questions or want to know if Pilates is right for you, please contact Krista.

Krista Cable, MS, PT
Phone: 720-234-0502
Email: cableptandpilates@gmail.com
Rates: Pilates privates: $90-$100 per 55 min session
$50-55 per 25 min session

Krista Cable, MS PT is a licensed physical therapist and Polestar certified Pilates instructor. She is passionate about helping others and is invested in the wellness of her clients. Her practice emphasizes the implementation of manual techniques and Pilates-based rehab. She thrives on the opportunity to connect with her clients, working with them in a trusting partnership. She strives to provide exceptional care and the individualized time and attention that is needed to develop a treatment strategy designed to meet each person’s goals. Her 17 years of physical therapy practice have fostered a strong belief in the importance of looking at each client as a whole person–looking at his entire body, not just the part that hurts. Krista enjoys working with clients of all ages and has had advanced training and continuing education in disorders of the spine and pelvis, shoulder/knee/hip injuries, pain associated with pregnancy and postpartum, Kinesio Taping and Functional Dry Needling. She became a certified Pilates instructor in 2008 and now incorporates Pilates-based rehab into most all of her clients’ treatment plans. This, along with additional functional exercise and manual techniques, promotes an optimal environment for the body to heal, improves body awareness and assists in retraining appropriate movement patterns. Krista’s goal is to empower her clients by providing them with the education and tools they need to heal themselves and to help them RETURN TO THE ACTIVITIES THAT THEY LOVE.
Krista graduated with a Masters of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Indianapolis in 2000. Since that time, she has worked primarily in outpatient orthopedic settings. A native “mid-westerner”, Krista moved to Colorado from Indiana in 2004. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, running, yoga, gardening and spending time with her husband and 2 small children.