Our Mission: Thriving, not just Surviving

The practitioners at Denver Integrated Therapies provide services that promote optimal health and wellness utilizing mental, physical and spiritual approaches. We recognize that there are multiple ways to find healing and provide a variety of physical and mental health therapies to support total mind and body wellness. Practitioners are encouraged to collaborate together to support each person’s individualized needs. We aim to support conventional medicine, while offering services that strive to reduce the need for more invasive medical treatment. We utilize natural, effective and less-invasive interventions whenever possible to promote optimal performance, health and living.
Inspiration Behind DIT: Meet the Owner

A lot of people ask why I started DIT. After struggling with a neurological condition and being treated with various medications, I found myself living with several side effects and residual symptoms. In what felt like the millionth attempt to find a better answer, I came across a naturopath who listened and assessed ALL the areas of my well-being, not just the presenting symptoms. In doing so, she discovered the underlying cause of my chronic illness and helped me find health for the first time in my life – something I wasn’t sure if I’d ever find. The experience made me realize that western medicine is wonderful and has it’s place, but many times true wellness and optimal living come from understanding and treating more than just symptoms. Also that a combination of treatments may be helpful to support the whole body. Professionally, I was just starting my private practice and discovered myself isolated from my colleagues and good referral sources. It was from that time of finding my own health and starting my practice that my passion grew to open a place where people could thrive in their own private practices and be surrounded by other well-experienced professionals in the health care field. With the encouragement of my colleagues and family, DIT came to life. We were 80% full by the time we opened and the original practitioners that have stayed at DIT now all have full practices and have become masters in their fields. It’s been an AMAZING journey and the Wheat Ridge Location has become just as special to me as our original Glendale location. I’ve been privileged to build such great relationships and genuinely respect all the practitioners. The ability to decide who I work along side is awesome. They are my community, support and referral network. My dreams came true in this place and I feel so blessed.

-Kristina Lujan, Owner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist